The scale is your enemy

Starting a fitness journey is the first step towards a healthier you. Goals are typically weight loss, muscle gain, or overall better health. If the goal is weight loss or muscle gain, you’ve probably made best friends with your scale by now. This is a big mistake. The scale is not your friend, it is your enemy. While it is great to check and track progress, relying on the scale to often can be very frustrating. It could be the very thing that makes you give up on your fitness goal. If a person’s weight doesn’t change for a few weeks they become frustrated. This happens despite seeing changes else where such as inch’s lost, and clothes fitting looser. Most fitness goals start with a certain goal weight people want to achieve. While it is good to have a goal weight, remember that you may look better at a higher weight or lower weight. If you really want to see the awesome changes your body can make, take progress pictures and measurements. At the start of your fitness journey, take a pictures from the front, side, and back. Each week take these same pictures, in the same place. This will ensure nothing changes except your body. Measurements are another great tool to track progress. I recommend taking measurements once a month. Similar to the scale, don’t get caught up in taking measurements weekly. If you take weekly measurements you may see a quarter of an inch lost, or none. This also depends on body composition and how much weight there is to lose. Remember, everyone’s body is different. While the scale is one of many tools in your repertoire, remember the others are better to gauge your progress. Weekly progress pictures, monthly measurements, weigh yourself once a week. Don’t get frustrated if you see no changes. Remember, fitness is a lifestyle, a journey. It is not a sprint, but a marathon. Be patient, be consistent, work your ass off, and you will achieve you goals!

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