Cardio vs weights


February 11 at 6:34pm ·

Relying only on cardio is one of the biggest mistakes made when it comes to weight loss. Far to often individuals tell me how they started working out, doing a lot of cardio. Waiting to lift weights until they lose some weight. What they fail to realize, is how much of a positive impact weights will have on their physique.

If changing your physique is your main goal, weights need to be the priority. Not only will building muscle change your physique, it also boosts your metabolism! The more muscle your body carries, the more calories it burns. While cardio is great, it will not build muscle like weights will. If you are spending an eternity on the elliptical making slow progress, it's time to step off, and pick up some weights. If you want a squat booty, running won't do it, you need to squat!

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